01-Welcome to That Beer Show

Wes Scott and Anthony Proctor present

That Beer Show, featuring craft beer news, reviews, historical contexts, unabashedly

biased opinions and good old fashioned

bickering. Plus some road trips.

02-Beer for Breakfast

Anthony poses a philosophical question-

Why not have beer for breakfast? Some

very pretty assistants help him search for

the answer


Wes is overcome with nostalgia as he

celebrates one of the beers of his youth

04-Dragon's Milk

Anthony reviews Dragon's Milk, a beer

with a dragon on the label!

05-Harvest Time

Harvest Time is a pumpkin spiced ale. Wes

has a strong opinion about it.

06-Bad Day Beer

Sometimes you just want a beer, especially

when things go wrong. A tree thing goes very

wrong for Wes.

07-Beer and Fine Dining

If you have any hope of a sex life at all,

you're probably going to have to go to a nice

restaurant sometime. Here's how to survive this.

08-Below Decks Barleywine

Anthony takes a scenic cruise

with a beer that sounds like a wine

09-Australia-Part One

We visit the best beer bar in Australia!

10-Australia-Part Two

Guest Host Guy Greenstone offers a quick tour of Australian and New Zealand craft beer!

11-Australia-Part Three

Wes and Anthony offer their take on the whole Australian beer thing. What could go wrong?

12-Guano Loco

Things get a litle weirder than usual at the That Beer Show production office.

13-Flavored Beers

The boys explore the dark, dangerous world of flavored beers.


Wes shares his thoughts on Lambic beers.